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Plastic and Aluminum Moldings for the air plane industryMoldings for the RV IndustryModlings for the Boat Industry Moldings for the automobile industry
Yachts, private aircraft, recreation vehicle drapery hardware and automotive small plastic parts
Curtain Moldings for Marine and RVComplete Molding ServicesContract Molding for Automotive

Manufacturer of Drapery and Curtain Hardware for the private aircraft, marine and RV (recreational vehicle) industries.

R. F. May Company sells the highest quality aluminum and vinyl drapery hardware systems.

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A complete plastic and vinyl Molding and Extruding Services company... providing Design, Molding, Assembly and Warehousing Services.

Monday Molding, the parent company, provides high quality services to our clients in private aircraft, marine, RV, automotive, H.D. trucking/sleeper cabs, home theaters and many other industries.

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All Products Made in USA

Manufacturer of molded, extruded and assembled small plastic parts for the automotive and trucking industries.

T & M Services molds and assembles plastic parts for some of the world's finest vehicles.

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