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Plastic and Aluminum Moldings for the air plane industryMoldings for the RV IndustryModlings for the Boat Industry Moldings for the automobile industry
Yachts, private aircraft, recreation vehicle drapery hardware and automotive small plastic parts

Policies for RF May and Monday Molding

Payment - Invoices are mailed after shipping and due within 30 days. Please remit payment to:

R.F. May Holdings
P.O. Box 331596
Murfreesboro, TN  37133-1596

Credit - If credit standing is not listed in standard rating books, first orders must be paid via credit card or shipped COD. Subsequent orders will be standard 30-day terms.

Cutting Charge - There will be a $5.00 cutting charge added to any track order that requires cutting to custom lengths.

Tube Charge - There will be a $5.00 tube charge on all track orders.

Delays, Loss, or Damage - We give every order prompt and careful attention. Please inspect your shipment upon arrival. We are not responsible for delays or damage in shipping which we cannot control. Please resolve any delays or damage due to shipping with the carrier responsible for the shipment.

Returns - Any merchandise returns must be approved by R.F. May customer service. Returned merchandise will not be accepted without prior consent. Reason for return, merchandise description, quantity, invoice date, and shipping number must be included. Returns are to be sent, prepaid, to R.F. May in the original containers.