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The genius of Monday Molding is its unique ability to provide consistent high quality solutions for your plastic molding or extrusion needs. It operates in multiple industry segments ranging from automotive, trucking, marine, aircraft and home entertainment.

As the parent of R. F. May Co. and T & M Services, Monday Molding provides complete design expertise, molding capabilities, assembly, processing and warehousing options.

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Monday Molding, a company created and operated by Steve Monday, is located in one of Tennessee's fastest growing cities, Murfreesboro, TN. The growth and expansion of the automobile manufacturing in this area has created great opportunities for this company to demonstrate its ability to provide manufacturing support to this critical industry.Mr. Monday and his staff offer years of plastic molding and extrusion experience and have become recognized and certified providers to this industry.

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In 2005 Monday Molding acquired R.F. May Company of Cookeville, TN which added Drapery Hardware Systems to the product offerings. Monday Molding has continued to grow this business with a high quality "Made in USA" product line while its competitors moved overseas.

When the Murfreesboro, TN area was challenged by the deadly EF4 tornado that visited them in April of 2009, Monday Molding was dealt a serious blow. But the dedicated employees and tenacity of Mr. Monday and his staff acted quickly to re-establish operations with customer's hardly noticing a hiccup. This type of customer dedication and commitment is what you should expect as a current or future customer of Monday Molding.

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