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A102 Aluminum Surface Mount Drapery Track

Aluminum hand-drawn track is normally affixed directly to ceiling surface using screws or M-123 mounting clips.  May also be side-mounted using M-3512 gliders.

Extruded 6063-T5 aluminum track is etched, anodized, and siliconized. Clear satin finish is rust proof and chip proof.  Track comes in 16 ft standard lengths, but can be cut to length for an additional charge.

Track should be mounted to wood using standard fasteners, or to plaster using #6, #8, or #10 screws, positioned 4" apart. Installation should allow 1/4" clearance between track end and end wall. Install carriers, gliders, or sew-on tabs at 3" on center. Draperies should be attached starting at the center, removing or adding carriers as needed at the notches on either end of the track. Complete installation using M-114 or M-115 end stops.

Channel Height: 0.159”

Channel Width: 0.255”

Total Height: 0.288"

Total Width" 0.477”